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A bull a hole and a breakdown

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Harvest breakdown

Small break down on corn head. It's a quick fix and we're back in the field. Yield monitor from one of the fields we finished today. … Continue reading...


30 Days of Farm Photos From Iphone

Yield monitor of 80 acres William checking on a bin of corn as we dump into it. Eating pizza in the field … Continue reading...


#Plant14 Arrives After A Long Winter

This picture is deceiving. It was cold. The planter is ready to go, but we had to wait a few days to get started. We moved the tractor and planter out of the shed to put more seed corn away. Stone Seed Group has the best designed bags of the 6 seed companies we bought from this year. Bill started planting late afternoon on Thursday. That way he didn't start on the dreaded Friday. Also our dually is not a good choice of trucks to take seed to the field. One of the tires drives on the … Continue reading...

The General

Collecting Bull Semen

First let me say, hello, to all you new subscribers to our site updates. Please, leave a comment and let us know what you would like for us to cover. We are pretty proud of General Grievous. (Dad misspelled his name on the registration papers.) He has turned out to be a very good herd cleanup bull for us. His numbers are excellent for a Simmental and phenotypically he is pretty nice as well. But we should go back to the beginning.   Here is the General at a couple days old with Sandy. She … Continue reading...

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