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The Farm

On this site you will learn about raising cattle and crops in the Midwest.

Cow, Theo Me

Judi, Theo & Mardell

Cattle are a part of our operation that compliments our grain farming. It’s been a great training ground for our children who plan to take over in the future. And an opportunity for us to work together as a farm family.

You’ll read everything from showing heifers at fairs to our first experience with putting up silage to losing one of our favorite cows.

Bill’s family has been farming here since 1824. These generations of agriculture have created a solid foundation for us to continue farming well into the future. Our top priorities for the farming operation are profitability and conserving resources.

We take lots of videos of our farm activities like; choosing tillage equipment, maintaining the irrigation rig and yield mapping.

We would love to have you follow along and watch our family farm.

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