An Ah-ha Moment

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Phone call to Loren while in the cab of the combine in the field:
Me: Loren, the automatic head height isn’t working. I have to us the manual adjust.
Loren: When you push the 1, 2. or 3 button does the head move?
Me: It moves a little but hardly at all.
Loren: Do you have the sensor bars down underneath the head?
Me: I don’t know.
Loren: Go check. And give me a call if you need help.

I didn’t call him back. The auto head height works like a dream when the bars are down where they can do their sensing.

For those who don’t know: These bars make the head move up and down automatically with the terrain. Love ’em. You really miss these neat little features when they don’t work or forget how to make them work. Thanks Loren.

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