Farm Kids & Tractors

Z is hauling cattle manure that has piled up over the winter onto a corn stalk field before it is planted to soy beans. Using a John Deere loader tractor and a CaseIH on the spreader.

Wordless Wednesday: Sugar the Cow

Shoulda Been a Dairy Cow

We are draining Buttercup’s udder with canulas. She is producing too much milk for her calf to drink. She won’t let the calf nurse on the back teats because they are swollen and sore. Every morning we’ll do this ’til the calf takes over.

Farm Kid Collection

Various short videos of typical activities on a cattle farm. artificial insemination, leading heifers, trimming bulls, moving cattle, three kids and a cute dog

Running of the Cows

This week we let some cows and calves out of their winter lot into a section of pasture. They were a little excited. Dad is running a harrow behind the little loader tractor. It breaks up the manure piles & dead grass clumps. Set to rock music. Yeah, baby!

Showing at the Beef Expo

Z is showing his bull, Spartacus, in the parade before the sale. Bella is showing her Feb. heifer, Tempest.

Bull Sale at Beef Expo

We took a couple of bulls to the Beef Expo. Theo’s bull, John Connor, was a mature bull, ready to work. He was jumpy in the set up area. But in the sale ring he calmed down and chewed his cud. Go figure. The buyers were a nice couple that live not too far away.

Want to hear something neat

Shhhhh. Listen. But don’t get too close.

Let’s just say our cows are tame.
Why does a cow chew her cud. The hay cows eat is hard to digest. They regurgitate it to break it down more by chewing it again.

4-H Steer Weigh-in

We took 4 calves to the steer weigh-in at the fairgrounds. Last year we had one steer get too big too early to take him to the 4h show. So this year we have a back-up steer. Here they are getting weighed, tatooed, and tagged.

Leading Heifers

After the heifers are broke to lead, we walk them at least a little everyday to keep them used to being led. This prepares them for being shown at fairs and cattle shows. Once they are leading easily they are calmer animals.