Beans are a bane not a boon

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I hate harvesting beans.  Then you have the very small window of the “right” time to take them out and it has to be before dusk or they choke the combine. And the stems are green while the moisture tests 9%. Do I need to go on?
I must say the John Deere combine (known affectionately as BGC) has impressed me this year. It really chews thru the beans at a good pace. In my red ones I had to go much slower and pray that the wad of beans didn’t plug it up. Also our last bean head drug up constentally on the left side. I would try everything to adjust it. Dang was that aggrevating. BGC’s head has hardly drug up underneath.
We did run into a problem one night last week. It was after dark and we wanted to fill the semi to take it home. The beans got tough and plugged the head. It really jammed the beans tight. The drive chain broke. The next morning ran to Petersburg got a new chain and a few assundry items, drove back to the field. Put the new chain on and started out. Chain broke again. Noticed the feeder house wasn’t going either. It’s chain was broke also. It turned out the slip clutch on the drive shaft wasn’t working. Instead of it slipping it would shove the beans in ’til the chains broke. William had enough links to fix both chains and get it going. We finished the two fields and started another. Then it rained 2.2 inches. Took the grain platform to Petersburg. They called today that it is ready to go. We’ll pick it up when we can start beans again. Take it right to the field from there. Luckily we only had about 180 acres of beans this year. One full day and we will be done. I have to admit the beans are making in the 50s and the price is up around $10/bushel. So it’s not all bad.
Pray for dry weather!


  1. Luckly we had only 30 acres of beans this year and was able to get them done in a day no breakdowns that is always a bouns. It has rained here Friday which it downpoured and was crappy misty rain all day yesterday. Some sun would be nice. Well good luck on the harvesting. Rebekah

  2. It always amazes me how much of a science that farming is. Farmers are some of the smartest people I know!

    I'm hoping the rain holds off where you are!!

    PS-I'm adding you on twitter!

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