Fence upgrade

new fence

This new fence was a necessary upgrade from the old one. The old fence had rusty steel posts and worn down cattle panels, that wasn’t very eye appealing. Now with this new wooden fence, it’s more durable and looks like a feasible fence. Also, the 14 foot gate will be useful when some cattle get out and when liberty utilities has to work on the gas line. The new fence is great and will most likely be stands for awhile, but most of all it doesn’t look like something out of Kentucky.

Flat Ryan Visits The Farm

#FlatRyan found his way to our farm through our printer. (Very cheap way to travel.)

flat ryanAfter we gave him a new plaid shirt and cowboy boots, we put Flat Ryan to work.

We were putting up square bales of hay into the barn. First Ryan helped unload the rack.

But then he decided to help the boys up in the hay mow.

The quickest way to get up there was to simply ride a bale on the conveyor. So that’s what he did.


After the racks were unloaded, Ryan wanted to take a look at the steers in the barn lot.steer tasting ryan

It must have been close to feeding time because the red steer wanted to see how Ryan tasted.

All I can say is cow saliva wasn’t good for Ryan’s complexion.

Though Ryan did seem to be excited about it.





lime pilesWe had some lime hauled to where we had wheat this year.

After we harvest the corn and beans, we will have the lime spread on the fields to improve the soil ph.





Ryan in lime pileRyan really wanted to play in the lime like it was sand but it started to irritate his delicate skin.

Poor thing.

Thanks for stopping by Flat Ryan.

We’ll catch you on your other travels at AgricultureProud.com




Episode 4 Farm Video

Around the Farm in 6 second clips

torrential rains, putting up fans in cattle show barn, moving a bull in with cows, newborn calf in tall grass with cow, moving round bale feeder in mud, moving cow calf pairs to pasture, walking 4H steers, cow eating grass

Video of Farm Life Ep. 3

Farm Life in 6 second clips

kinze planter on a John Deere tractor going into transport position, filling the planter with seed corn, corn germinating after two days, switching the planter units over to plant soy beans, farm kids bringing in newborn calf so its closer by the barn away from coyotes, putting the planter away in the shed since storm clouds were approaching. One of our many videos of farm life.

Slideshow of Farm Life May 2013

(click arrow to start slideshow)

As last year had historic drought conditions, this spring has had unending waves of rain. This month alone we’ve had over 10″ of rain. We were able to get all the corn planted and 80% of the beans. But we’ve yet to determine how much replant we’ll have to do. We haven’t had the first cutting of hay which really needs to be done. Very glad May is over.

Anatomy of a Farm Girl

anatomy of a farm girl

see what farm kids do these days

Episode 2 Farm Video Shorts

Around the Farm in 6 Second Clips


show heifer makes Theo eat her dust, snapping turtle found and returned to pond pasture, filling silage wagon with loader tractor, cow and calf eating silage, Kopertox applied to foot rot, heifer likin’ the lick tub.

Sandbagging A Flood

After the record amount of rain fall in northern Illinois last week, we decided to go help sandbag the flooding Illinois River in Pike County. Bill and I helped sandbag in the ’93 floods. The kids sandbagged when the rivers flooded in 2008. (look how cute they were back then) So we knew what to expect. We believe we should volunteer to help the farms and small towns that receive the brunt of the flood damage.

Since it was raining again, the bags were filled in a machine shed. We took our bucket seats and stack of bags and started filling them with sand.

sandbagging Illinois flood

Each bag needs to be tied and knotted to stay closed during transport.

sandbag flooding

After a few hours of tying the bags, it can make your fingers raw. William brought some white medical tape to wrap around our fingers. He gave some to the guys from the work camp who have been working here a couple of days.

sandbagging flood

After the bags pile up, they are loaded onto a tractor which then loads up a truck that will take them to a levee.

loading sandbags for river

This shot is from the bridge over Illinois River at Meredosia. The sandbags are being used at this grain terminal where barges are loaded.

sandbags on river

Finally, here is a video of the guys loading up the sand bags.

Next time you hear a request for sandbag volunteers, I hope you find the time to help out some fellow farmers.

Crazy Spring Weather

Weather. Can’t control it. Can’t live without it.

It’s never boring on the farm unless you are working ground or on the 20th day in the combine or doing bookwork. Anyway here is what we’ve been up to since the last post. And welcome to all the new subscribers. So glad you want to follow along.

seed corn delivered

We got our fist load of seed corn delivered. Dang it was cold that day.

fireworks store

Judi spoke at Missouri State to a ag business class about websites. William had to stop here on the way home for the kids.

bella lakelandBella placed 2nd individual overall in questions at the Lakeland Community College livestock judging contest. The team placed 2nd overall also which included Theo.

snow formationWe had a lovely late season snow. Bella’s classes at LLCC were even cancelled.

forage institute

Judi and the boys went to Blackhawk College to the forage institute.

disking ruts

William is disking in ruts around the new barn.

spring planting small seed

April 4 we planted waterways and filter strips at the Hagney Road farm. We also sowed seed around the new barn and the hay field there.

Next I’ll post a video we took sowing filter strips.

barn at easterEaster Sunday. Putting in silage for the cattle. Z is watering the trees they just planted. Just need some green grass and the picture would be perfect.

February Farm in Photos

Farm photo slide show of the major events.