Three Cows

We took Bubbles, Fiona, and Genevieve to the vet yesterday to be preg checked. Dr. J said they were all three pregnant. We will be selling them in Dec. to go to another herd. Bubbles and Fiona were two of the first calves we showed 5 years ago.

Cows on corn stalks

We have let the cattle out on the corn stalks. The cattle love it a lot! We put the cattle in the corn stalks so the pasture can grow back. The cattle eat the kernels and the grass along the fence.

Valentine had her calf

This is Valentine’s new baby boy. The baby’s name is Bane. If you have notice Bane’s ear is bent foward. It is because it was like that in the womb. Bella

What do cows do best?

Have more cows. Valentine is one of three cows due to calve anytime. It has been awhile since we had newborns. So we are looking forward to it. As soon as the next weather front comes through, we should have some baby calf pictures to post.

Their own little space

One of our steers had an accident in the creep feeder. We removed the bars on the front of the feeder and placed it into a creep/corral area that dad helped us build.

It measures 16’x14′. There is plenty of room for the young heifers and steers to gather and eat some creep feed.

The little guys can have a place to get away from their pushy and demanding mothers.

Bella places second

at the livestock judging contest this weekend in the senior division (12 and older). There were about 40 kids in this division. This is the highest she has placed at a contest. We are very proud of her.

What steers are made for…

Dad just returned from the locker with a side of beef. This should make shopping and meal planning slightly easier. People ask how we can eat our steers? Don’t you become attached to them? Yes, but we know that they serve a purpose. They are raised to become meat. We take care of them the best we can while they are on our farm. Then they fulfill their purpose to provide for us nutritionally. It is very simple and basic.

Upclose shot

of a proud dad. He even thought of having Z and Bella wear the same shirt. Duchess and her calf are now weaned and in separate lots. We are thinking about keeping the bull calf intact to sell semen when he is old enough. This all depends on a few things. So we will see how it goes. We did have lots of compliments on him. And he did win reserve in his division in the open show.

Bella wins with Louise

Correction made: Louise won reserve inher division at the state fair. A division is made up of the winners of 9 classes. Then the division winners go into the champion drive. We were very happy with how Louise showed. Earlier in the year, she didn’t look that great. But she sure has changed.

She is the one if you remember with the stubborn streak.

Champion Aged Cow/Calf Pair

Land of Lincoln Champion Cow/Calf pair in the Open show

Grand Champion Aged Performance Cow/Calf pair in the junior show. In the junior show the judge looks at performance records of the cow for placings.