Harvest Summary Video

Harvest Summary Video


harvesting corn, beans; raking the last hay for the season; using a backhoe; finishing a field talking about yield mapping in combine; newborn calf & cow; putting the corn head in shed; attaching the inline ripper to tractor; inline ripper at work in bean stubble

Episode 5 Farm Video Shorts

Around the farm in 6 second clips

In this farm video: washing a heifer, leading 4H steer, loading equipment for cattle show, No Mom, a steer gets loose in show ring, raking hay, bailing hay, hauling hay, taking clevis hitch off planting tractor

Episode 4 Farm Video

Around the Farm in 6 second clips

torrential rains, putting up fans in cattle show barn, moving a bull in with cows, newborn calf in tall grass with cow, moving round bale feeder in mud, moving cow calf pairs to pasture, walking 4H steers, cow eating grass

Video of Farm Life Ep. 3

Farm Life in 6 second clips

kinze planter on a John Deere tractor going into transport position, filling the planter with seed corn, corn germinating after two days, switching the planter units over to plant soy beans, farm kids bringing in newborn calf so its closer by the barn away from coyotes, putting the planter away in the shed since storm clouds were approaching. One of our many videos of farm life.

Episode 2 Farm Video Shorts

Around the Farm in 6 Second Clips


show heifer makes Theo eat her dust, snapping turtle found and returned to pond pasture, filling silage wagon with loader tractor, cow and calf eating silage, Kopertox applied to foot rot, heifer likin’ the lick tub.

Farm Video Shorts Episode 1

I am combining videos that I take with the vine app (username farmNwife) of our farming activities. Unfortunately the app only takes video in portrait view. That is the reason for the black sides on the video. I have contacted them imploring that they change this feature; so we’ll see what Vine App does. This will be the first of many Farm Video Shorts. If you have any ideas you would like for us to record just let us know. Also subscribe to be notified when new episodes are published

Enjoy your trip Around the Farm in 6 Second Clips

Cows mooing, working with show steer, cow scratching, farm kid with air wrench putting on duals, tractor planting corn

Sandbagging A Flood

After the record amount of rain fall in northern Illinois last week, we decided to go help sandbag the flooding Illinois River in Pike County. Bill and I helped sandbag in the ’93 floods. The kids sandbagged when the rivers flooded in 2008. (look how cute they were back then) So we knew what to expect. We believe we should volunteer to help the farms and small towns that receive the brunt of the flood damage.

Since it was raining again, the bags were filled in a machine shed. We took our bucket seats and stack of bags and started filling them with sand.

sandbagging Illinois flood

Each bag needs to be tied and knotted to stay closed during transport.

sandbag flooding

After a few hours of tying the bags, it can make your fingers raw. William brought some white medical tape to wrap around our fingers. He gave some to the guys from the work camp who have been working here a couple of days.

sandbagging flood

After the bags pile up, they are loaded onto a tractor which then loads up a truck that will take them to a levee.

loading sandbags for river

This shot is from the bridge over Illinois River at Meredosia. The sandbags are being used at this grain terminal where barges are loaded.

sandbags on river

Finally, here is a video of the guys loading up the sand bags.

Next time you hear a request for sandbag volunteers, I hope you find the time to help out some fellow farmers.

Morton Building Interviews William

Bill is interviewed on our new cattle barn for Morton Building promotions. This video shows off the barn. And Bill does a great job of selling Morton Buildings. The buckets give it the lived-in look.

Why Dodge’s Truck Ad Works

So God Made A Farmer

This is why Dodge’s Truck advertisement on Sunday’s Super Bowl was the best commercial.

The reason the Dodge commercial makes such an impact on viewers is because it so basic and so fundamental you can’t ignore it. “So God Made A Farmer” advertisement doesn’t have special effects, celebrity spots, or blaring music. It’s meaningful words and relevant still images. It’s purpose and love. It’s God and man.

How Yield Maps Are Made

While driving the combine, I show how yield maps are made. The sensor in the combine measures the volume of corn entering the grain tank then assigns it to a spot on the map.