Farmers in Limbo

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We started planting corn this year on April 10. Were able to go for a few days, planting the fields that had wet spots. We knew if it started raining it would be a long time before we could get into them. Then it rained and rained and rained. Never lacking for something to do, we worked on cattle fence and regular repairs. We can never plan on anything because “it might dry out tomorrow and be back in the field”. But we kept waiting because it kept raining. Earlier this week we took a video of the field we first planted right after another rain. That field is nothing to brag about. The stand is uneven and puny mostly from lack of sun and warm weather.

Wednesday we were finally able to get into the fields. That day we planted 180 acres. Then yesterday we got 100 acres in before it rained again. Within 4 more days we could be finished. That is not including replanting the drowned out areas.

This is 4 years in a row that we have had major planting delays because of rain. I am hoping this is not a new normal weather pattern. I know that we are not the only farmers in this situation. There are whole regions of the US still in limbo, chomping at the bit to put seed in the ground. Many have yet to even start. But if farming were easy (or cheap) everyone would be doing it.

How are things progressing around your parts?

[youtube]LeKylWV8pEI[/youtube] is my husband’s website for his farm podcasts.


  1. The Spring is very late in North Dakota. My parents hope to be in the field early this week but it is currently raining…so we’ll see. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Look forward to staying connected.

  2. People around here are trying to finish up planting corn so they can move onto cotton…. of course we have a lot of farmland under water. Hope that its mainly soybean ground that can be postponed without too much damage. Its a tough spring with all the rain and flooding.

    • farmnwife says:

      We just got a good run at planting corn, avoiding the wet spots. We should finish up tomorrow. Then start on the replant.

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