If You Give a Cow a Smartphone

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Even cows can benefit from having a mobile device. A new collar being developed for cattle ranchers could send cow health updates to farmers’ cellphones. The device could help ranchers save money in the long run, monitoring the health of their animals

This got me to thinking about getting a text message from my cows. I think it would be so cool. What would a cow text?

Gate left open. Cant find our way back in. Hrry Home

Ur late for chores. Where R U?

Betsy in heat. Lookn 4 Bull. bout 2 go thru fence

Pick up oats on ur way home

Dont 4get vet apt @ 2

What do you think a cow would text message? And what apps would they want?


  1. This is AWESOME, I’m gonna share this everywhere. I think the most common cow-text would be: “O yah? How bout I pull on yrs?”

  2. Farmerbright says:

    “SOS! Lost N Corn Maze again!”

  3. My SIL suggested via facebook: eat more chikin!

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