Hands Down

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The most despised, most procrastinated job obookworkn the farm:

Bookwork. Farmers were not wired to sit inside at a desk for any length of time. Then add that they are to file receipts and balance accounts, they go mad. And they make everyone in the house including the dog cower in fear that they might get in the way. Because if they ain’t happy, ain’t nobody goin’ to be happy.

Sure the job wouldn’t be half as bad if the work was done incrementally throughout the year.  No, bookwork is reserved for the week, days, or hours before the records are due to the accountant. And thank God for him. I shudder to think… (won’t go there) I am happy to report that we survived another year of turning in our books, closing out last year’s books, and paying off last year’s operating note without any blood or bruises. Now we get to start it all over again.

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