Harvest 11 Day Forever And A

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Z with leaf blower

Blowing the dust off he combine helps prevent fires.

William’s calculations must have been off. We finished corn on Wednesday. The yields were nothing to get excited about. I would say 150 would hit the average. We have since switched the combine over to beans. So far nothing too exciting there either. 40-45 bu/acre. Of course these are decent numbers for the drought we’ve been in.

This picture is of Z using the leaf blower on the combine before we put the bean head on. He seems to be the only one who can get the blasted thing going. When he’s done William uses it on him.

The combine has been running none stop (knock on wood) for 3 weeks. Since we haven’t had any rain. That’s good that we are getting through a bunch of acres. But it would be nice to get a few other things done.

We had another well dug. This one is by our house where the cattle are. It’s a shallow surface water well. Not near the volume as the well over the aquifer. But better than the well we are currently using. Plus it’s got 2000 gallon holding capacity that older wells don’t have.

drilling well at home

drilling a well by our house

Ron our plumber/electrician is coming out this week to start ditching in the new lines and put in the pump. Man will it be nice not to have to haul water every day. The kids have a cattle show in Kansas City the end of the month. Hopefully we’ll get the new well going so they can get their bull and heifers cleaned up.

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