Harvest 11 Day Good One

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William’s goal this week is to do 50 acres a day to be finished with corn by Saturday. The elevator was only open Sunday Noon to 5 but we did take in 30 acres that day. Yesterday, we changed the fuel and air filters. One should always remember to open the shutoff valve on the fuel line after cleaning the  water separator bulb. The combine doesn’t go very far without the flow of diesel.  I still didn’t have the normal power and it sounded like we suped up the engine. We had the mechanic, Don, come out. He found a hose clamp missing around the pipe for the turbo charger  . I’ll take that kind of repair any day. We did manage to get 46 acres shelled despite the delays. The elevator closes at 6:30. I filled the truck and the grain cart after the last load. Fueled the combine up. William cleaned my windows. (such a sweetie) We both had a pony shoe and beer at the Boar’s Nest. Went home to bed.

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