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Bill here filling in for Judi while she is keeping busy staying warm.

Do you remember the Jeff Foxworthy comedy sketch where he talks about his wife saying “I hate my Hair” “Well we are not going anywhere for a long time”.

That is how I feel this winter. Picture is stuff that should be in the “mud” room but because of the extended periods of cold weather it is in Judi’s kitchen.Displaying photo.JPG

Water jugs were being used to thaw out energy free waterer.  We gave up on that this last cold spell, covered it up with straw bales and waiting for warmer weather.

It is just down right bitter cold.  Thank you Jesus the kids are still at home to help/ do the chores around here.  They have been wonderful through all this.

We have even put off putting embryos in cows because we think the conception rate would be down in this brutal cold weather.

I went to junior college my first 2 years and that was the last 2 really bad winters we had in the late seventies, now Isabella is driving back and forth to the same school and it is just as bad if not worse.

Set another low record this morning, just breaking records left and right.

I am still waiting for Al Gore to show up with his global warming and help outside with the livestock chores.

Cows look like they are tired of it also.  Luckily we can put them all up in barns or sheds for the winter.Displaying photo.JPG

No mud for now, of course when it thaws we will have mud forever until this deep freeze is gone from the ground.

Well I am going to quit bitching for now.


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