How a uterus is like a sock

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vet & prolapse cowAnother first for the Graff livestock experience: Ellyon ,who won Champion Performance Cow at the state fair, educated us about prolapsed uteri. Monday afternoon she pushed her uterus out after having her bull calf. We thought her calving days had ended. But Dr. Jay says she should be just fine having another calf. He was surprised we hadn’t had this before. (just our lucky year)

fixing prolapse


All the guys helped put the uterus back where it belonged. It’s a slow process putting it back through the small opening; but with everyone there to help it went fairly quickly. The vet says it’s like turning a sock right-side out inside the cow. So they all took turns pushing and shoving it back into place. Then Dr. Jay gave it a couple of stitches on the back end to keep it there. They are to be removed in a couple of weeks.



Bella had classes while Ellyon was fixed up. When she returned home, Bella was happy to hear she wasn’t losing another good cow.

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