How Yield Maps Are Made

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While driving the combine, I show how yield maps are made. The sensor in the combine measures the volume of corn entering the grain tank then assigns it to a spot on the map.


  1. What volumes denote green, yellow, orange and red sections?

  2. Hi, Kerilyn. Purple is below 50 bushels, red is below 86, orange is below 123, yellow is below 160 and green is above 106. These numbers/colors can be adjusted if needed.
    Great question! Thanks for asking.

  3. Great, thank you. Do you gauge the numbers based on multiple previous year averages or just last year’s average yields?

  4. I kinda know what to expect each field to yield due to previous years. I put in the top and bottom numbers to show a good representation of where the high, medium and low yields are. I want the mid range yields to dominate the map.

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