I almost cried

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We finished 2009 harvest at 3:pm on Dec. 13. It is still all a blur. From the first day we used BGC and it’s full bin alarm didn’t go off (center picture), to the 10 inches of rain with in a few days, elevators closing at 10:am, to a neighbor being crushed by his tractor, bins braking down, more rain, learning a new combine and mapping program. Then harvesting in snow and negative wind chills. One for the books and so glad it is over. Now we are helping a few other guys to finish up their fields and starting to haul the corn out of the bins.


  1. We just finished the soybean crop here on the Ozarks Ponderosa about a month ago. Harvest time was late this year and we had to really call in the Strongbacks (farm hands) to push it before rain sat in again. Ya' can always hear a sigh of relief from this old farm chick as the last semi pulls toward market with the last of the crop.

    Have a wonderfully blessed day from the hills and hollers of the Ozarks!!!


  1. […] will be noteworthy enough to write about ’til it’s already gone. Please recall the harvest of 2009. Another year etched in my memory. But in our memories is not good enough for future generations. […]

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