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With a 40 cow herd, we have learned to select for the best maternal traits. Our cows have to perform to be able to remain on the farm. This has become evident with winning two state fair performance cow champions. We have Simmentals, percentage Simmentals, heifers, cows, bulls for sale. If you are looking for club calf steers and heifers we can help you there also.

Beyond our 40 cow herd, we also have embryos being raised in Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois.
We own several cows in partnerships with Double R Farms and Murphy Angus Genetics. These partnerships have greatly accentuated the great genetics we are able to provide those looking for embryos, show heifers, herd bulls or their next donor cow.


Our bulls have won test trials in weaning and yearling weights. Besides being growthy, they are powerful with strong libidos. These bulls will provide hybrid vigor to any herd.


Cows are the heart beat of our herd. They have to be healthy, sound, and produce. Through judicious selection and breeding, we now have an impressive herd.


This page has most of our current winners. Congratulations to those who have bought steers or heifers and went on to win.


We have percentage Simmentals, Maine Anjous, and Land of Lincoln eligible Simmental steers. Our steers have won champion ribbons and rate of gain plaques.

Barn Lot

The barn lot is divided in to two sections. On one side is the current year’s show heifers. On the other is where calves are weaned. Sometimes this lot is used for triage or breeding (ie. general purpose).


From cattle shows, vet visits, newborns in the bathroom. The usual stuff.