We’re All Certified

Theo was the last one of us to get his Artificial Insemination certificate. It has really saved us on from paying someone to come out to AI. And we can synchronizeAI certificate the cows for times that are convenient for us.

Going through the class, he learned about a cow’s reproductive physiology and handling all the AI equipment. Then Theo also had to practice placing the AI syringe through cows’ cervixes.

Breeding Cows

The five of us went over to the new barn (we call it Sand Bur Hill) to artificial inseminate a bunch of cows. Luckily the weather was nice. The mud was frozen; but no wind. Well Z did all the AIing. The rest of us were the support team; bringing the cows to the chute, loading the AI gun, holding tails.

breeding cows

I had the bright idea of giving the cows treats so they wouldn’t fight going in the chute so much. But none of the cows cared for the ones I bought. They all ate steer feed in a feed pan. So much for that.

Since the ground was frozen we put in a bunch of silage. When the ground started to get sloppy we stopped. Hopefully tomorrow morning it will be solid enough to fill the big silage wagon.

Afterwards William and I went to our insurance agent to put the new barn and trailer on our policy. Bill kinda threw the guy for a loop about asking for insurance on the semen tanks. He proceeded to tell the agent about the price of semen and embryos, process of collecting semen and super ovulating, ect. The agent said we had a whole language of our own and lived in a different world.

We invited him to the barn for the second round of AIing but he had meetings to go to. But really wanted to come out sometime to witness everything. He had to get back to us on insuring the tanks.

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