Getting Through A Blizzard

We were returning from visiting the boys’ cousins. We left early to try and beat the snow storm. After finally reaching our exit off the interstate, we couldn’t get through the drifts on Route 10. So we turned around and headed back toward Lincoln. On the way, we came across this guy stuck in a drift in the middle of the road. The boys hopped out and pushed him out in their tennis shoes and sweatshirts.
car stuck in snow

car pushed out of snow

We checked in to the Holiday Inn Express. The boys wore their Carhartts and boots to walk to Steak n Shake for supper. The next morning we made it home after the roads were plowed but they were still drifting. The car thermometer said -11. And the wind was brutal.
After lunch we headed out with the truck to see if we could get to the new cattle barn. The road to the east that we usually take was drifted shut. So we drove around to see if the road was open to the west. After jumping some big drifts we made it.

cattle barn snow blizzard

We left the truck running on the road since no one would be driving by.

feeding cattle snow blizzard

Theo is feeding the heifers and Zadok is checking the waters. William threw straw down from the loft and fed the cat.

Fertilizing the Pasture

Fertilizing Pastures

We are fertilizing pastures to help them grow before we put the cattle out on them. William is using FS’s new buggy to spread the the nitrogen. Last year’s drought really took a toll on the pastures. So we are feeding them now before it rains. The rain will help work it into the soil to make it available for the grass roots.

Skipping the County Fair

I am dreading the fair this year. We move the cattle in this Friday. After a week of 100 degree weather, I really don’t look forward to hauling, settWashing Heifering up, and sitting with 10 head in it. But my hands have black dye stains, the steers are almost broke, and the heifers get their final clip job tonight. That pretty much means we are set to go. So I just need to suck it up and git-r-done. Thank goodness we just stay overnight and go home. Some of these ridiculous counties still make the cattle stay 4 or 5 days.

Z is taking a bull and a steer. Theo will show a cow/calf pair, steer, and heifer. And Bella is taking two heifers and a steer.

Wish the kids luck showing and that the forecast is wrong.

Side of Beef

Champion SteerBella’s champion steer is now in our freezer (well, half of him). He was a little over finished as we waited for Z’s steer to catch up, since it was younger. That one went to a few other families that truly appreciate good meat. Beef is a staple in our house. Evening meals don’t very much week to week. Mondays are usually steak night. Then it’s taco Tuesday. Wednesday is hamburgers. Roasts for Thursday. Friday we mix it up a bit with pizza. On the weekends we finish up any leftovers. The kids’ favorite nights are Mondays and Fridays.