NAILE Louisville 2015 class winner

poppy-naile15-sm copy

Poppy is a 5/8SM 1/4MA 1/6AN+, July, SS GOLDMINE L42 heifer, that’s out of a WHO MADE WHO 411F cow. She is a long deep body heifer, that is wide through her top line, hip and chest floor. She is also very attractive from the front end and covers her stride. Poppy held up very at the show and the show ring, as this wasn’t her first rodeo. We brought  a Fall CLRWTR SHOCK FORCE W94C heifer as well, but she only got third place. As I was showing Poppy in the show ring and after the judge had place her, I was exiting the ring the judge made the comment,” that heifer sounder then the young man leading her”. However, to save face I had been braking 18 other heifers and steers for the past three mouths and had some sharp pain in my legs the day before. Now Poppy has a nice HAUN JESSE JAMES bull calf on the ground.

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Episode 5 Farm Video Shorts

Around the farm in 6 second clips

In this farm video: washing a heifer, leading 4H steer, loading equipment for cattle show, No Mom, a steer gets loose in show ring, raking hay, bailing hay, hauling hay, taking clevis hitch off planting tractor

Theo at Simmental Jr Regionals

Theo took one steer, Clovis, and one heifer, Iris, to the South Central Simmental Regionals in Springfield Missouri.

Theo brushing his steer

Theo brushing his steer

On Monday and Tuesday, Theo participated in sales talk, cattleman’s quiz and livestock judging. The cattle show was on Wednesday.

Dad and Kevin fitting Iris

Kevin Johanson came to fit both the heifer and steer. He did a very nice job.

The Final Results

Clovis wins 4th overall steer

Clovis placed 4th overall steer.

Iris - 7th overall bred & owned prebred

Iris placed 7th overall bred & owned purebred heifer.

Theo - 1st place livestock judging

Theo placed 1st in the livestock judging contest.

As we were just about to load the equipment up to head home, a light came on the dash for the engine. Dad took the truck to the local ford dealership but they could fix it til the next morning. So we had more quality time in Springfield MO. On the road home a clamp on the turbo boost broke. So we had to stop and get that replaced. We did eventually make it home just before dark. That night Dad baled hay til about 10pm.


We Heart NAILE

We really enjoy showing in Louisville at NAILE (North American International Livestock Exhibition). We are stalled by some very nice guys. We get to see friends that we haven’t seen in awhile. And it’s a real challenge to show against some of the best cattle in the nation.

Theo & Iris Freedom Hall

Theo (second from right) showing Iris in Freedom Hall. There were 11 in this class. 5 of the kids were from Illinois.

Two show rings are going at the same time. The pure bred Simmentals and All Other Breeds shows started at 8am. As Theo was showing Iris in on ring, Bella was showing Adelina at the same time on the other site of the fence. We woke up at 4:30am to get the heifers ready for the show.

Bella & Adelina in Freedom Hall

Bella (first on right) showing Adelina in the AOB class. She placed 1st in bred and owned.

Zadok showed July in the evening during the Percentage Simmental show in Broadbent Arena.

Z with July in Broadbent Arena

Z with July in Broadbent Arena. They placed 2nd.

After the Percentage Simmental show ends about 9:pm, we break down the stalls and load everything up in the trailer. This makes for a late night. In the morning we feed and water the heifers and head for home. The weather was perfect the whole time we were in Louisville. As we returned home it started raining.

William at NAILEBella at NAILE

Historic Drought of 2012

Spring of Drought 2012

Since I had my websites combined and professionally revamped, I am behind in my blog updates. And I can’t believe I had forgotten about recording this historic year all summer. But fear not, I took lots of pictures. Believe me it’s all still fresh in my memory if not sweat glands, the details of the Drought of 2012.

Let this be a reminder to all of us. You never know when a season will be noteworthy enough to write about ’til it’s already gone. Please recall the harvest of 2009. Another year etched in my memory. But in our memories is not good enough for future generations. It has to be written down. It’s our children’s children’s heritage.

Okay, enough of the sentimental crap.

Winter was very mild/warmish. There was a late spring frost that killed some other farmers’ early planted corn.

perky 3 leaf corn

Spring planting started off at a very nice pace. Considering for many years in a row, we had too much rain to get into the fields. But we finished planting and were able to go to the Flach cattle show Memorial Day weekend.

theo at flach show

At this time, we weren’t getting a whole lotta rain. But we weren’t too concerned yet. Late last summer it stopped raining and we had to haul water. But we finally put in new wells at our house and grandpa’s. So we weren’t hauling water to the houses any more. But almost everyone else on old wells was dry.

cultivating corn

William dug out the old cultivator that completes the matched set with the tractor.(my opinion) After he drove it into the driveway, Bella asked, “What’s that?!” We don’t use it very much. We debate whether cultivating helps by creating a mulch around the plants or harms by clipping roots and releases moisture.

z and coyote

Z knocked this coyote down in one shot. She was out traipsing in the pasture close to the cows and calves. The pastures were still green. But that will change.

To be continued…