Harvest Summary Video

Harvest Summary Video


harvesting corn, beans; raking the last hay for the season; using a backhoe; finishing a field talking about yield mapping in combine; newborn calf & cow; putting the corn head in shed; attaching the inline ripper to tractor; inline ripper at work in bean stubble

Episode 2 Farm Video Shorts

Around the Farm in 6 Second Clips


show heifer makes Theo eat her dust, snapping turtle found and returned to pond pasture, filling silage wagon with loader tractor, cow and calf eating silage, Kopertox applied to foot rot, heifer likin’ the lick tub.

Lights, Camera, Moo!

Lorex Wireless Security System

Surveillance on the Farm

We are product and price comparing video surveillance cameras. Not against thieves but to keep an eye on our cows. Particularly for monitoring the calving pens.

Why cow cameras:

1. It will be easier checking on them when we know they are due to calve anytime. Especially in the winter, since someone has to put on all their winter gear to run out to the shed to take a peak at the gestating cow.
2. First calf heifers sometimes need help if they are struggling with having the calf. A camera would let us quickly see if the heifer is “stuck”.
3. The camera would also give a view of the open part of the shed where all the cows and calves lie. This is the only part of the lot that we can’t see from the house. A camera would help to see if a cow is pushing and needs to be put in a pen. In the winter we try to have the calves born in pens where it is warmer.
4. The cow would be disturbed less after they calve. We like to check on mom and baby to make sure mom is letting it nurse and it is getting around okay. With the camera, the cow wouldn’t be distracted by one of us walking in the shed and gawking at her.
5. Cows instinctively lick their calf. Some can be aggressive lickers and push the calf under the sides of the pen. We would be able to see this on the screen in the house.

Do we have to have the cameras? No. But it would make calving a whole lot easier. Well for us, maybe not the cow. And the systems today are fairly cheap and simple to install. The one I am looking at Lorex Wireless Security System says it’s a “plug and play setup”. They even have infra red for night vision. From what we have learned the one important feature for us is to be able to get the signal through a metal shed to the house.

Do you have experience with security/surveillance cameras? Please let me know in the comments.