Farm Video Shorts Episode 1

I am combining videos that I take with the vine app (username farmNwife) of our farming activities. Unfortunately the app only takes video in portrait view. That is the reason for the black sides on the video. I have contacted them imploring that they change this feature; so we’ll see what Vine App does. This will be the first of many Farm Video Shorts. If you have any ideas you would like for us to record just let us know. Also subscribe to be notified when new episodes are published

Enjoy your trip Around the Farm in 6 Second Clips

Cows mooing, working with show steer, cow scratching, farm kid with air wrench putting on duals, tractor planting corn

Putting Up Straw Bales


Baling Straw Video



When the 4th of July roles around every year, it also means it’s wheat harvest time which then means baling straw. For two hot days we baled straw into square bales onto rack wagons. Straw is bedding for livestock made from the stems of wheat after harvest. We store it in the hay loft of the barn for winter. William and Z took turns driving the tractor and riding the rack. Did I say it was hot?

Why Straw?

The stem of a mature wheat plant is hollow. This is good for wicking up moisture and for insulation in the winter time. It does eventually have to be removed as Z shows in the previous video Farm Boy and Tractors. Leave a comment on what you think of the above video. Thanks

Baling Straw