4 things that disappear around here

Like the socks that are eaten by the washing machine, there are four things (sometimes more) that never seem to make it back to where they belong.

  1. Sharp knife: We keep large pocket knives in the tractors that move the round bales. Before we put bales in for the cows, we cut the wrap off of them.  Last time a few bales were put in, I got a phone call: “Send one of the kids out with a knife. There isn’t one in this cab.”
  2. 1/2 in. wrench: For some reason this size wrench is never to be found on or near the equipment that is being worked on. But if someone goes to another shed, a fist full of them are within a few steps of each other.
  3. Duct Tape: This one might be unique to this family. The duct tape roll (or rolls) are always hard to put our hands on. We even have a pink roll that can be difficult to find.
  4. Pliers: These win the most elusive prize. We could buy a pair of pliers every trip to Big R or Tractor Supply ;and we’d still never have a set on hand when we need them. I believe pliers do have legs that carry them out of tool boxes never to return.

With five of us (six if you count grandpa) running here and there, grabbing tools we need for whatever project we are working on; it is no wonder we can’t find things. At least once a week you can hear someone complain: ” Put it back where it belongs when you’re done!”

Do you have things that “have legs” around your place?