We got a hole in the ground

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The drillers came and did what they do best and put a 140′ hole in the ground for our new well. They said it was good for 90 gallons/minute. William is just giddy about having water.

drilling rig

William is holding sand that came up like it's gold. He's going to bottle it. (not kidding)

The picture above was early in the morning. The picture below was what was left after they did their magic. They were pumping air down the hole to bring up water ’til it ran clear. So we had a 6ft fountain in our hay field.

water in the hole

Next time you see William congratulate him on his new well. I think he would pass out cigars if he had any. Below is the video we made for his blog.


  1. “Well” done Bill, will the pump be a submersible pump, (not the old nodding head oil well type) Next job will be to dig in a pipe back home,and how far off is the electricity supply.

    A well was drilled on the farm next door to me,two months ago, stone and pebles were jamming the drill and sleeve, water would not drive them out the top, so they added foam to the water to be able to go down to eighty feet. It was dug where springs come to the surface but not in enough volume.


  2. Yes it will be a submersible pump. Next is to get the electrical hooked up, and put in the pump, some pipe and a hydrant.

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