What are you wearin’ ?

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Some would think that when a husband asks this question to his wife over the phone, he’s being frisky and hoping to get lucky later. Nope. During harvest when a farmer asks his wife that question it means: How fast can you come out to the field to run the combine while he runs to do ______. (fill in the blank) Farmer is thinking: How long will it take her to change into her jeans & tshirt? not I wonder if she is wearing something slinky and see-through.

That is the call I got tonight. When he asked What are you wearing, I smiled and said “Why do you want to know?” William said, “Because I want you to come out while I run the truck back to the bins.” Smile gone.

So goes the farm life of a frustrated farm wife.


  1. dear husband says:

    I sometimes also ask “how comfortable are you”. The only reason I was running the combine is because “somebody” was “drove out”, just because we harvested over 100 acres of soybeans today with a 25′ platform is no reason to be tired. What a women, she is a real trooper when it comes to harvest less than 225 acres to go. She also made a great supper tonight.

  2. Brittni Drennan says:

    Oh the joys of farm life! 🙂 Two great stories that made me smile! Thanks for sharing.

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