Who Works Hard?

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baling strawSometime a few months ago, I remember seeing a video taken in New York City about what the people there thought of farmers. Almost everyone said that farmers are hard workers. This is a stereotype just like the general opinions of doctors or lawyers. Though not a bad stereotype to have, I wondered what brought this generalization about and how true it is. I mean, does a farmer really work harder than the average urban worker.

I think it has to do with how farmers are shown on TV in commercials, shows and movies. Because how else would people in the city know what a farmer does? On television a farmer is always doing something; working on a tractor, feeding animals, or generally getting dirty. They are never in a suit and tie in an office on the phone.

So is doing manual labor mean you work harder than someone in an office?

What do you think?


  1. Marilyn says:

    Be it a farmer or a salesman on commission, anyone in charge of their own income works harder than someone on a salary. When ones livehood depends on their efforts, you will see their efforts rise.

    • farmnwife says:

      Interesting had not thought of that. I have a brother in law who is salary and works long hours. To me, he works just as hard as someone on commission.

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